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Home Page arrow Announcements arrow General Announcements arrow The call center for General Directorate of Revenueis changed from 189 to 444 0 189
The call center for General Directorate of Revenueis changed from 189 to 444 0 189 Print E-mail

The call center number of General Directorate of Revenue is changed. Until now it was 189 but after then it has been changed as 444 0 189.

In the press release of T.C. Ministry of Finance General Directorate of Revenue; it is told that people can notify to Tax Communication Center’s call number 444 0 189 after the date 01 September 2010 which was before call number 189.

A New Step Against Unregistered Economy by Ministry of Finance

Tax Communication Center (VIMER) who works as an adviser about taxes enlarges its catchments area. In this new process citizens are going to be able to call the center to inform about tax exiles. Before now, such notifications can be done to the call center 189 but after then such notifications are going to be done to call center 444 0 189, Tax Communication Center.

The Control Mechanism of Tax Exiles By Only One Center

It is important to control the tax exiles by only one center to gather efficiency in the control of the notifications done through the call center. In this context such subjects as not to handle document, lack of liability document, off the record employment, off the record rental income are expected to be notified. This Tax Communication Center ( 444 0 189 ) is starting to serve to all around Turkey by the 1st of September 2010.  The call center 189 Alo Maliye is going to stop giving service. Thus this process is only going to be implemented by VİMER  adhering strictly to tax confidence and privacy.

How the New System Works

Automation System is going to be used during the for the notifications done to VIMER. The notifications done to VIMER are going to be forwarded to the related cities by using the automation system within two days to carry out the legal procedure. With this new system, it will be possible to reply the notifications quickly, collect statistical data and to audit the results of the process.

Tax Communication Center

Tax Communication Center is established to serve as a consultancy about tax subjects. The office hours for the center is in the week days 09:0 – 19:00. All the calls done from national borders are going to be charged as inner city call prices.  



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