Board of Management of Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry continued its visits on September 26th, 2013. President of ALTSO Mr. Mehmet Şahin and his committee visited Urban Planning and Environment Provincial Directorate, Special Provincial of Administration, Council of Monuments Provincial Directorate, ISS Provincial Directorate, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture.


Previous day ALTSO Management respectively visited Alanya Chief of Police Mr. Mustafa Sağlam, Provincial Gendarme Commander Mr. Aykut Tanrıverdi, Antalya Provincial Treasurer Hidayet Mat, Provincial Director of National Education Mr. Osman Nuri Gülay and Vice President of Antalya Director of Revenues Mr. Halil Akca. 

Current situation and services which were expected from the Directorates were expressed in the visits.

President of ALTSO Mr. Mehmet Şahin and the committee consisting of board members Mehmet Bacaksızoğlu, Yüksel Kaya, Council Member Ahmet Dayan,  Hüseyin Sertgöz, Chairman Advisor Ayhan Önal and President of Press And Public Relations Mr. Necati Şatana firstly visited Province Director of Urban Planning and Environment Mr. Yusuf Kadı. The committee decided to cooperate for the certification program which is a legal obligation with regard to construction industry.


Later, the committee visited President of Social Security Institution (SSI) Mr. Selim Erol. He expressed his opinions and suggestions about the latest developments and the head office which was under construction. ALTSO that still covers the rent expense of the General Directorate of Alanya SSI and thus, that stops the suffering of thousands of insured people in Antalya listened the presentation of Provincial Director of SSI Mr. Selim Erol about new applications. SSI Provincial Director Mr. Erol gave information about the online services which had been applied in Manavgat and would be applied in Alanya.

SSI Provincial Director Selim Erol told the good news and said the insured in Alanya would use web site and only by entering their TR ID Number they would apply many other subject and get the appointment. President of ALTSO Mr. Mehmet Şahin expressed that it was a good news to hear the insured would not need to central directorate and could solve his problems online and he also stated that the online appointment system would prevent the waiting and decrease the density.


The committee under the presidency of Mr. Şahin later went to Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and therein evaluated the agricultural practices and new developments in Alanya.  Agriculture Provincial Director Mr. Ahmet Dallı said they developed a project for the cultivation of 11 tropical products. Dallı who pointed these products would be planted in a short time and financial observations would be conducted said they planned to create a new Market in Alanya by producing alternative products as a result of these studies.

President of ALTSO Mr. Mehmet Şahin also stated that the agriculture industry is one of the most important industries for Alanya and they would be grateful if they, as the Chamber, collaborated in these works.

He visited Regional Director of the Protection of the Properties in Antalya Ms. Melike Gül. In the meeting, they exchanged ideas about the latest situation of the cultural properties in Alanya and the studies to be conducted.


And finally, the President Mehmet Şahin who visited Secretary General Of Special Provincial Administration Mr. Faruk Karaçay said it had a vital importance to have a good communication between the Agencies and the Institutes in our county and he also said: "Our first aim in these visits is to find an answer for the question 'How can we provide more services to Alanya? We shared our opinions with the institutions that we have strong relationship. Positive effects of these visits will be understood in time.  All of the provincial directors said they would be happy to cooperate with us and we thank them so much. And we promise them to do our best for these services."