President of Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Mehmet Şahin started a work about the compulsory documents which had to be obtained pursuant to "Regulation about the Construction Contractor Records and the Certified Foremen and Site Chief", published on Official Gazette dated 16.12.2012 and numbered 27787 and entered in force.


President of ALTSO Mehmet Şahin reminded that after it became an obligation to get worked foremen who has a certificate as it is stated on the provincial 1st article of the Regulation "No foreman will be allowed to work on constructions sites and plants” after January 1st, 2012, Urbanization and Environment Provincial Directorate started a work to complete the missing documents and he also said there would be a work for the foremen who needed to get a certificate with the help of Chamber.

President of ALTSO pointed out that the application was not fully understood in our country and the certification process of the foremen in our county would be completed by ALTSO without any need to go Antalya after the applications were collected for this Regulation which might cause suspension and he also warned the foremen and the contractors who hired them.

Mr. Şahin who emphasized that after the end of 2013 foremen would have to attend courses which were aimed at foremen for 1 year to get the Competence Certificate of Foreman pointed that the foremen would get these courses under the roof of ALTSO without any need to go to Antalya.

For this reason, Mr. Şahin who visited Provincial Director of Urbanization and Environment Mr. Yusuf Kadı and got the positive answers said that they would cooperate with Alanya Public Education Center and Meziyet Köseoğlu Vocational Training Center to prevent a shrink in construction industry and have difficulty to find foremen and possible crisis.

Provincial Director of Urbanization and Environment Mr. Yusuf Kadı also said that the support of President of ALTSO Mehmet Şahin was so important for them to ease the process and they would start this work which would be an example for the other chambers in the country. Kadı added into his words that he would organize an expanded meeting to explain