The committee which consists of Peel en Maas Mayor and accompanying businessmen who came to Alanya as the guests of Alanya Chamber Of Commerce and Industry came together with businessmen in Alanya on October 8th, 2013.


 County governor Erhan Özdemir, Deputy Mayor of Alanya Ali Yenialp, President of ALTSO Mehmet Şahin and members of board and businessmen were participated in the meeting which was organized to support foreign commercial co-operations of the board members as the part of ALTSO project "Broaden the Horizon of the Chamber, Broaden the Horizon of the Member". Head of ALTSO Mehmet Şahin put into words in his opening speech that an ALTSO Committee visited Peel en Maas Municipality in May 2013 and this action planted the seeds of this work.

By stating that province of Peel en Maas is one of the most successful agricultural and agricultural based industry in the world Şahin said: "For us agriculture industry is as important as tourism. Our aim is to develop a mutual trade by conducting a co-operation with this distinguished city of Netherland. For this reason, we organize a meeting in which our members and the trade committee which are generally active in agriculture, live-stock and other industries sectors to conduct bilateral discussions.  After this acquaintance meeting, our members will meet the businessmen coming from Peel en Maas."


Şahin also added that thanks to the trade portal which will be created under the project of ALTSO called "Broaden the Horizon of the Chamber, Broaden the Horizon of the Member", mutual e-trade between the two cities will be developed

After then by emphasizing Alanya has a strong economy in agriculture and live-stock, Mayor of Peel en Maas Wilme Delissen said that: "We have so many business partners from Turkey. We wish the same for Alanya. I thank President Mr. Mehmet Şahin and his team for their interest and this successful organization. After the speech of Wilma Delissen, visitor committee made a presentation. After the presentation, Vice President of Alanya Ali Yenialp stated they would be happy to undertake the necessary role as Alanya Municipality in this cooperation.


County Governor of Alanya Mr. Erhan Özdemir also said the tulip farming which is the vital point of the agriculture industry of Netherland has a positive effect on the friendship between Netherlands and Turkey in his speech in which there was a great emphasis on the 400-year relationship between two countries.  After the speech of Özdemir, ALTSO team made a presentation about the economy of Alanya to the Dutch committee.
After the welcome and contact meeting, representatives of these two cities went to the meeting hall in which the bilateral discussions would be conducted. Businessmen from Netherland and businessmen of our county exchanged their ideas on cooperation subject.


President of ALTSO Mehmet Şahin who stated these contacts were just a beginning also said that after the bilateral discussions companies knew each other and he wished they would be trade partners in time.

the importance of the situation to the industrial representatives of Alanya upon the invitation of ALTSO.