ALTSO Ankara Contact Office has been opened on Tuesday November 19, 2013 Tuesday at Çukurambar location with a spectacular ceremony. Mehmet Şahin, ALTSO Chairman, giving a speech at the ceremony in which ministers, deputies, politicians, tourism professionals and many citizens participated, listed Alanya’s targets in Ankara; thereby established the initial contact.


EU Minister and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bağış, participating in the opening ceremony, spoke in praise of this work performed by ALTSO and Alanya and said: “Alanya Chamber of Commerce had opened an office in Ankara before Antalya Chamber of Commerce, which in fact indicates how powerful the foresight of Alanya is.”

Ankara Contact Office of Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been put into service with a spectacular opening ceremony on Tuesday November 19 2013. Approximately one thousand people including European Union (EU) Minister and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bağış, previous interior ministers İdris Naim Şahin and Abdülkadir Aksu, previous national defence minister and Antalya deputy Mehmet Vecdi Gönül, Ak Party vice president and Antalya deputy Menderes Türel, Antalya deputies Deniz Baykal, Yıldıray Sapan, Sadık Badak, Hüseyin Samani, Mehmet Günal and Arif Bulut, TOBB general secretary Mustafa Saraçöz, TOBB Sectoral Entrepreneurship Chamber and Exchange Department Chairman Cihat Alagöz, Culture and Tourism Deputy Minister Dr. Abdurrahman Arıcı, Health Deputy Minister Agah Kafkas, Turkey Cycling Federation Chairman Emin Müftüoğlu, previous Antalya minister Hüseyin Yıldız and Hayri Doğan, MHP Alanya District Chairman Cafer Uyar, town mayors, chamber chairmen, municipality council members, ALTSO council and board of directors members, ALTSO members, businessmen and tourism professionals participated in the opening of Alanya Office, which has been put into service on the third floor, flat no. 11 of the business center Green Office located at Çukurambar location of Ankara. TOBB Chairman Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu was not able to participate in the ceremony because of his overseas programme.

The opening ceremony started with a moment of silence and the Turkish National Anthem.  ALTSO Chairman Mehmet Şahin, who had the floor then, gave detailed information on the figures related to social, economic, commercial, cultural and political structure of Alanya after greeting the participants. Şahin, starting his speech by expressing his condolences for decease of Turan Güney, the father of AKP district chairman Hüseyin Güney, said: “Our chamber, which was established in the year 1991 and which currently performs tourism, commerce, industry, European Union projects, education activities and many activities successfully with its over 13 thousand members, is among the most prominent chambers of our country with its quality and accreditation certificates. While putting ourselves in for this mission with all my colleagues, who are members of the board of directors, we have adopted a member oriented management concept. We have set it as a goal to be with our members not at only election times but all times, to ensure that our chamber gain a structure preferable in solution and support areas instead of only being known as membership fees. Since the date of June 18 2013 on which we took over the mission, we have started on our works, targeting integration of our chamber with our members and even of our members with each other on the basis of the aforementioned views.”

Şahin went on: “In summary, the main theme of our activities is the needs and the demands of our members. Because we have always believed in the fact that the services we will render to our members will prove beneficial for both our country and our nation. In this respect, in order for Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, doing member-oriented activities, to render better services to its members, we are opening our Ankara Contact Office here today with your valuable contributions. We have planned to open this office to sustain our commercial and industrial activities more accurately, to facilitate our works and transactions, to contribute to the legislation works to be done in parallel with the views of our chamber, to cooperate with public institutions and public sector occupational organizations in Ankara and to carry out the necessary transactions for overseas travels of our members immediately. In fact, we will render service not only to the members of our chamber but all our Alanya citizens through this office. In this respect, I believe in the fact that our ALTSO-Ankara Contact Office, which is among our projects classified as the social projects of our chamber and targeted to be actualised as soon as possible.


Our office will be a center providing assistance in bureaucratic matters for representatives of the business world of our district.  Through this office, we will conduct lobbying activities of Alanya in Ankara. I express my sincere thanks to primarily esteemed Antalya deputy Mr. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, who supported us in opening this office, other deputies, esteemed mayor, Alanya governor, all Alanya lovers and you and wish that these valuable support and assistance of yours never will come to an end. I and my colleagues, who are members of the board of directors, took the road for economic progress of Alanya and development of our country. We have always regarded all the problems, encountered by our entrepreneurs, who are members of Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as our problems. We have promised to do all sorts of works, necessary for solution of the said problems. While making this promise, we have relied on primarily God and then our ministers, deputies and senior managers of public institutions and our colleagues, working in our chamber.

As is known, Alanya is the tourism center with the highest number of touristic beds of our country following Istanbul with its over 150 thousand number of beds. If agriculture and construction sectors are taken into account, we realize that Alanya leaves behind 50 provinces with its current economic structure. We are glad to see that many problems of Alanya, which has made rapid progress, have been solved in time; however it cannot be denied that new expectations have come up in parallel with this growth and development.

In a period with the highest service amount of the history of Republic, Alanya got its share from these services beyond doubt. We observe that many projects, which looked unreal previously, have been put into practise today. In this respect, I express my gratitude towards primarily esteemed Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, esteemed ministers and esteemed bureaucrats. I would like to express my sincere thanks to esteemed Antalya deputy Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, leading Alanya and our region in this service flow, on my own behalf and on behalf of my community. On this occasion, where we have come together, I would like to give information on some key issues of Alanya as well. One of the most significant problems of Alanya region is its distance from the airport. Antalya Airport, which is the single airport rendering service to our town, being at a distance of 135-140 km to our town and the transportation issues at this distance have a negative impact on our tourism. Gazipaşa Airport, whose construction started long years ago so as to eliminate the airport need of the region, was given out by contract to TAV Havalimanları A.Ş. Company at the end of the year 2007 using build-operate-transfer model. The works, stipulated in the project, have been completed by the said company and the airport has been put into service.


It has to be ensured that our airport, which remained inactive in the period when it was first constructed, renders service at international standards and the length of the runway has to be increased. The service terminal has to be upgraded to international standards. Besides contribution to be made to Alanya region by upgrade of  Gazipaşa Airport to international standards and its operation with a capacity of 100 %, direct employment of approximately 100 thousand people and indirect employment of 500 thousand people will be ensured with the developments, which will speed up development of Gazipaşa and its eastern part. Gazipaşa Airport, which has been indispensable socially and economically for our region, has rapidly proceeded thanks to the developments in recent years and has promised great hope for us for Alanya. Particularly with the developments in the last few years, various direct flights have started from various Scandinavian countries and Germany   through our airport; significant obstacles before the future of Alanya have been removed and the works of our investors have been facilitated.

Within the scope of the works related golf courses in Alanya, five areas, selected in Emişbeleni, Mahmutlar, Kargıcak, Okurcalar and Türkler towns have been announced as the new tourism centers and this issue had entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette dated March 25 2012 and numbered 28244. We ask completion of announcement processes of these areas in terms of which related works started approximately two years ago and which were declared as tourism centers by being constructed in a very short time, as soon as possible for transfer of land use rights of them to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and allocation to investors. The works, regarded as a historical milestone for Alanya, have been a new promise for the regional tourism. I once again express my gratitude towards to those, who contributed to announcement of these areas as tourism centers in a very short time. Because these works have been a great promise for versatility and the future of Alanya tourism. With golf courses, the brand value of Alanya in tourism will significantly increase in time. The said developments will lead to spread of dynamism in tourism sector in Alanya to the 12 months of the year and development of the real estate sector.


Our town has a settled population of approximately 500 thousand including Gazipaşa, Sarıveliler, Gündoğmuş and other towns surrounding it. Alanya Management Faculty rendering service within the structure of Akdeniz University; Vocational High School, whose building has been constructed by our chamber; Faculty of Education and Faculty of Engineering, which will render service within the structure of Akdeniz University and whose construction has been completed are the current institutions in our town. Almost all conditions are in place for establishment of an independent university in Alanya with the Medical Faculty, resolved by the Senate of Akdeniz University, which is pretty significant for an independent Alanya University and ratified by the General Assembly of the High Education Board. Besides, as far as I know, there is no other town at this level in terms of higher education in our country with Private Hamdullah Paşa Foundation University. We ask establishment of an independent state university for the whole Alanya in terms of endless benefits to be provided by the higher education level of Alanya to our country and Alanya as well as economic benefits to show up with an increasing impact and concerning our members closely. 

Antalya region is a spot, where over 10 million foreign and nearly 5 million local tourists have a vacation annually and it is ensured that this number increases each year. Tourism and population movement in the region becomes intense in the shoreline. Transit transportation of this region, where there is a dense settlement, with Antalya, its transportation with town centers and in-between cities is provided through a single highway. It is evident that the current highway will be inadequate even in the short term on account of this density on Alanya-Manavgat-Serik-Antalya line. In this respect, planning a rail transport system comprising Alanya-Manavgat-Serik-Antalya line and putting it into service has turned into an urgent necessity for sustainability of tourism in the region. As is known, distribution of natural gas to the Metropole of Antalya, Göynük, Kemer, Tekirova, Çamyuva, Kadriye, Belek and Serik towns in Antalya region has come to a start. It is known that works are sustained for use of natural gas, which initially started to be used in the Organized Industrial Site, in the established regions and houses. Currently, on the agenda of the company, which has assumed current BOTAŞ or Antalya distribution work, Alanya and Manavgat regions do not take place.


It is possible to use this resource, which is indispensable for regional agriculture and tourism, primarily in the areas of tourist facilities and agricultural enterprises. In this respect, it is highly significant for our region that the area of the company obtaining the contract for “Antalya natural gas distribution license” has to be extended to Alanya and Manavgat regions or a new line has to be installed over Seydişehir by BOTAŞ and the distribution work of these two regions have to be further put out to tender for supplying natural gas to Alanya. We will make effort for solution of these problems which I mentioned concisely and we will always continue to follow up our works. I wholeheartedly believe that we will attain success in solution of these issues and other issues to arise in the future with the grace of God and your valuable support. Dear guests, I present my sincere thanks for honouring and supporting us by participating in the opening ceremony of our office. We will always bear this very moment spent with you in our mind. Thank you so much. I wish that this office of our chamber of commerce will be beneficial from God and greet and present my compliments to all of you sincerely”.  Şahin gave AK Party Alanya Town Chairman Hüseyin Güney, who lost his father, his condolences at the end of the speech.

Following ALTSO Chairman Şahin, EU Minister and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bağış gave a speech. Bağış, starting his speech saying: “I am highly glad to present greetings of our esteemed Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in such a significant opening.” continued: “Today you have really brought your warmth, affection, abundance from Alanya, the southernmost point of Turkey, to our capital city. While much esteemed Chamber Chairman Mehmet Şahin was giving a speech a short while ago, I told esteemed Vecdi Gönül and Menderes Türel ‘Beware, do not involve Mehmet Şahin in politics, he will not let anyone earn their keep’. While opening Ankara Office here, he has manifested his determination in terms of solution of all issues of Alanya. On that account, I am well aware of how determined, resolved and solution-oriented Alanya residents are. Because I have been a witness to the determination of my closest friend, schoolmate esteemed Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu with whom we have a friendship dating back to 30 years, in this respect, which started long time ago.”


Bağış went on: “Çavuşoğlu called me this morning and said that the father of esteemed Alanya Town Chairman Hüseyin Güney had passed out, task distribution had been made between him and esteemed Türel, he would participate in the funeral and Mr. Menderes in the opening. He also added that he would be glad if I presented his greetings to you. I am highly honoured to present greetings of Mr. Mevlüt to you. May God rest the soul of the father of esteemed Hüseyin Güney. Esteemed guests, I want to make another death announcement. We have lost our esteemed stage actor Nejat Uygur, who has occupied a different place in our memories and who has put a smile on our faces. May God rest his soul. Currently there is a significant expansion from the tourism capital Alanya of Turkey to the administrative capital Ankara of Turkey. And establishment of an office in Ankara by Alanya Chamber of Commerce before Antalya Chamber of Commerce in fact indicates how powerful the foresight of Alanya is. Of course Alanya is in safe hands, Alanya makes progress on the right path. And today Alanya plays a crucial part in the European Union process as well. The difference between Alanya and Antalya is already evident each passing day. But I hope that we will make up this difference as well starting from March the 30th. Mr. Menderes is well aware of it. All Antalya craves for his services and him. We may be satisfied with him here; yet the significant loss Antalya has incurred is pointed out to me during my each visit.

Alanya has manifested how an important part it plays not only in Turkey but also in our European Union process by opening this office. If you ask why so important Alanya is in the EU process; because everyone, who visits our country, makes a vacation in Alanya, gets to know our country with its service, hospitality, favour supports EU membership of Turkey with approximately 95 percentage. But those, who have never visited our country, who do not know about Turkey and hospitality of Turkish citizens, are those, who are the most prejudiced against it and who raise their objection to it in the EU member countries. On that account, Alanya and all our tourism regions are rightful stakeholders and members of our EU Ministry even if Alanya is not eager. That’s why find establishment of an office in Ankara by Alanya, our stakeholder and rightful member, very significant. I hope that in the upcoming process we will cooperate, we will promote both Alanya, Antalya and Turkey well. Because the most significant problem of Turkey in international arenas the issue of struggle with prejudice. We have to cooperate in order to overcome it. In this respect, opening of a center to be regarded by all of us, all Alanya citizens as their “place” is very meaningful. I hope that we will collaborate in order to resolve the problems of Alanya.”

The Previous Chairman of CHP and Antalya Deputy Deniz Baykal, coming up to the ceremony area while the opening ribbon was being cut, took place among those cutting the ribbon. Then the guests, who toured ALTSO Ankara Contact Office, were served Alanya banana. The office, decorated with Alanya photos, was very much admired by the participants. Bağış and Baykal and previous ministers, hosted with treats started a sincere conversation. Antalya deputy Mehmet Günal took place in the conversation as well. When a citizen said: “Transportation from Alanya to Cyprus is pretty difficult”, Bağış asked: “Do you want flights from Gazipaşa Airport?”.  When the member replied: “Yes”, Bağış: “Unfortunately, currently the airplane number of Turkish Airlines is not enough. We have increased our airplane number to 260; currently our target is to make it up to 300. But currently it is not sufficient. THY flies to the spots all over the world. I hope that flights from Gazipaşa will start upon increase of our airplane number”. On the other hand, Baykal, while having the treats at the office, said: “Alanya has a taken a significant step for independence with this office. It is gradually announcing its independence”.