ALTSO President Eray Erdem visited Deputy Minister of Interior Münir Karaloğlu in Ankara and asked for support for the solution of Alanya’s problems. President Erdem said, “We continue to work for the solution of the problems of our Alanya”.

ALTSO Assembly Chairman Mehmet Kural and Alanya Municipality Council Member Kayhan Balta also took part in the visit.

President Erdem said “We continue to work with the relevant authorities to solve the problems regarding the restriction of residence permits for foreigners. We informed our Deputy Minister of the issues we encountered in Alanya and the region and submitted a report on the problems and potential solutions that we together prepared with MÜTBİR, ALSİAD, and the Association of Real Estate Professionals. I would like to express my gratitude to our Deputy Minister, who mentioned that he is familiar with our region as he previously served in Antalya, and highlighted his commitment to resolving the issues we are facing. I would like to express our gratitude to our Deputy Minister for his hospitality and the close attention he showed to us. We will continue to work on every platform for the solution of the problems of our Alanya.”