General Secretariat

Secretary General

MISSIONS, AUTHORITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: To manage all correspondence and transactions, to ensure and control the execution of the duties of the services, To use the powers that can be delegated by the Board of Directors in accordance with Article 20 of the law, Accepting domestic and foreign visitors who want to learn about the work […]


MISSIONS, AUTHORITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: To conduct research on all matters requested by the President of the Chamber Assembly and the Board of Directors, and to inform them, To inform the Board of Directors by following the economic indicators and business meetings related to our district, region and country, To prepare sectoral and regional reports to […]

Commerce / Chamber Registration Directorate

MISSIONS, AUTHORITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Implementation of the instructions of the Ministry of Trade, Following the legislation, making the necessary changes, making the announcement to the internal and external related parties, Providing information to the members and other interested parties about the registry transactions within the framework of the legislation, Performing new registration, change and cancellation […]

Financial and Administrative Affairs Branch

MISSIONS, AUTHORITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Maintaining accounting records, Preparing monthly and annual trial balance and budget reports, organizing the meetings of the Accounts Inspection Committee and conducting the secretariat, Chamber Budget and Financial Affairs Directorate, within the knowledge of the relevant legislation and the General Secretariat, prepares the Chamber’s budget within the framework of the principles […]

Commerce Service

MISSIONS, AUTHORITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Preparation of capacity reports and required documents for industrialists, Earth Mover registration procedures and correspondence, Determination of current price, Preparation of expert reports for movable and real estate valuation, To make correspondence regarding the appointment of experts according to the expert and arbitrator list prepared by the Chamber Assembly in Expert […]

Projects and Quality Directorate

MISSIONS, AUTHORITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Evaluating member requests received through the website together with the relevant services, Developing projects and proposals for the development of the district and the region, Coordinating the work of the commercial and social affiliates of the Chamber, presenting opinions and reports to the General Secretariat on this matter, Preparing, distributing and […]

Press and Public Relations Department

MISSIONS, AUTHORITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Follows and records the Chamber Diary within the framework of the policy representation and lobbying activities of the Chairman and the Board of Directors, To carry out the printing and auditing studies of the Chamber Magazine and other publications, To carry out all kinds of activities related to the press organs, […]

Tourism Foreign Affairs and Fairs Branch Office

MISSIONS, AUTHORITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Organizing transportation, accommodation and excursions for domestic and international business people and delegations visiting the chamber. Organizing international trips and fairs for delegations of business people, Carrying out the transactions related to the travels of the persons sent abroad by the chamber as an officer and making the necessary organizations, Participating […]

Education and Career Branch Office

MISSIONS, AUTHORITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Planning, coordinating and managing all education, training and online education works to be organized by the institution, To carry out all correspondence, proposals and negotiations with the relevant educational institutions and educators for Education, Training and Online education programs, Organizing the invitation, transportation and accommodation of the educators, Preparing and making […]

Voc-Test Center

MISSIONS, AUTHORITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: ALTSO Voc-Test Center gives Professional Competence Certificate in accordance with the requirements of Personnel Certification Standard (TS EN ISO / IEC 17024) to measure the professional knowledge and skills of employees in the tourism sector. ALTSO Voc-Test Center is a certification body accredited by the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) and authorized […]