Commerce Service

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Mustafa Gülümoğlu

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İsmail ÇOLAK

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  • Preparation of capacity reports and required documents for industrialists,
  • Earth Mover registration procedures and correspondence,
  • Determination of current price,
  • Preparation of expert reports for movable and real estate valuation,
  • To make correspondence regarding the appointment of experts according to the expert and arbitrator list prepared by the Chamber Assembly in Expert Requests,
  • Certification of commercial and health invoices,
  • Carrying out the issuance, control and approval procedures of A.TR Movement Certificate, EUR.1 Movement Certificate, Form A. Special Certificate of Origin and circulation documents used in export and import,
  • Expertise of export products,
  • To approve the invoices required by the members during export transactions,
  • Coordinating the preparations of the Economic Report Book and preparing it for publication,
  • Prepare the Single Manufacturer Certificate and the Yed-i Vahit Certificate,
  • To provide update information, verbally and in writing, to the members who apply to the Chamber for information on import, export, trade and industry,
  • Preparing a Force Majeure document,
  • Carrying out physical inspections of insurance agents,
  • Preparing a manufacturer’s certificate
  • To carry out other duties assigned by the General Secretariat.