Press and Public Relations Department

+90 242 512 16 97

Director of Press and Public Relations

+90 242 512 16 97Ext.: 212
Dursun Kayacı

Service Officer

+90 242 512 16 97


  • Follows and records the Chamber Diary within the framework of the policy representation and lobbying activities of the Chairman and the Board of Directors,
  • To carry out the printing and auditing studies of the Chamber Magazine and other publications,
  • To carry out all kinds of activities related to the press organs, to keep the relations with the press at the best level,
  • Organizing press conferences to announce the work of our chamber in the most effective and permanent way,
  • Keeping a photo and video archive of all kinds of news about our chamber published in the written and visual media,
  • Carrying out preliminary preparations for meetings and events organized by the Chamber,
  • Keeping the Chamber’s Web site updated,
  • Announcing the work of the chamber through the local and national press and preparing the journal on this subject,
  • Establishing protocol and other relations and carrying out necessary studies about the ceremony event and other activities to be attended in accordance with the instructions of the Presidency and the General Secretariat,
  • Updating and following the social media accounts of the chamber,
  • Processing the mobile applications of the chamber,
  • To fulfill the duties assigned by the General Secretariat and the Presidency.