Financial and Administrative Affairs Branch +90 242 512 16 97
Hüseyin YÖNET

Financial and Administrative Director

+90 242 512 16 97Ext.: 110

Collection-Accrual Officer

+90 242 512 16 97Ext.: 113

Accounting Officer

+90 242 512 16 97Ext.: 111
Mert ARI


+90 242 512 16 97Ext.: 112


  • Maintaining accounting records,
  • Preparing monthly and annual trial balance and budget reports, organizing the meetings of the Accounts Inspection Committee and conducting the secretariat,
  • Chamber Budget and Financial Affairs Directorate, within the knowledge of the relevant legislation and the General Secretariat, prepares the Chamber’s budget within the framework of the principles specified in the budget call and budget preparation guide, and submits the prepared budget to the General Secretariat.
  • To accrue and collect the annual fee and registration fee, and the Chamber revenues and additional dues collected in accordance with the fees charged for Services. In addition to these, announcement and notification to the members about the payments.
  • Transactions regarding the transfer of Budget Appropriations,
  • Preparing and processing the Financial Risk Analysis of the Chamber,
  • To keep the accounting records of all income, expenses, allowances and allowances of the chamber,
  • Examining and controlling the status of monthly payments, expenditure and balance allowances,
  • Preparing and publishing the annual fee and Services schedule,
  • Carrying out the necessary enforcement proceedings in line with the decision of the Board of Directors regarding previous period receivables,
  • To carry out the procedures regarding the recruitment, appointment, promotion, dismissal of the staff, to carry out the processes related to the legislation,
  • Arranging the payrolls of the staff,
  • Carrying out the processes related to the legal rights of the staff such as treatment, taking leave, funeral,
  • To ensure the maintenance, repair and backup operations of the computer, software and hardware infrastructure used in the Chamber,
  • Organizing the cleaning, lighting, air conditioning, maintenance – repair and transportation services of the Chamber Service Building,
  • To follow the incoming and outgoing documents of the chamber and to coordinate the distribution works,
  • Ensuring that the necessary measures are taken by coordinating with the General Secretariat for the protection of the Service Building against fire, theft and sabotage,
  • Coordinating all kinds of maintenance, cleaning and transportation services of the room service building,
  • Managing the Purchasing Process of the Chamber,
  • To manage the chamber vehicles, to make maintenance and repair and insurance policies of the vehicles,
  • Coordinating the processes related to the uploading of the staff meal receipts to the staff accounts,
  • To accrue domestic and international travel allowances of the salaried and contracted staff and to carry out the related transactions,
  • Carrying out all kinds of transactions related to financial issues other than these,
  • Coordinating the maintenance of all kinds of fixtures in the chamber building,
  • Coordinating the meeting of the infrastructure needs of the chamber service building and the elimination of malfunctions,
  • In line with the knowledge and instructions of the General Secretariat, to follow up the staff assignments, registration and leave procedures, to keep the staff files, to coordinate the preparation of the monthly duty schedule of the Chamber,
  • To manage the process of delivering all kinds of documents coming to the chamber against embezzlement to the relevant services by making the Document Registration Process,
  • Coordinating the delivery of the documents to be sent from the Chamber by Mail to the PTT against embezzlement by making the necessary transactions,
  • The permanent and temporary staff in the chamber and the family members they are responsible for; Coordinating referrals to healthcare institutions,
  • To regulate the accrual of the drug prescriptions invoiced by the pharmacies related to the chamber staff by checking them,
  • Coordinating the annual counting of all fixtures and consumables,
  • Removing the idle fixtures that can not be used within the chamber by the decision of the General Secretariat and the Board of Directors,
  • To carry out other duties assigned by the General Secretariat.