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(Turkish) KOSGEB Teşvik ve Destek Danışma Memuru

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  • It carries out all the operations related to KOSGEB in line with the directive on the establishment and operation of KOSGEB representative offices (Annex: 6).
  • It carries out studies related to the promotion of KOSGEB support and services to businesses,
  • It provides market research and international commercial consultancy services from members for International Commercial Activities,
  • Informs enterprises about KOSGEB support and services,
  • Provides guidance to businesses about KOSGEB support and services,
  • It informs the enterprises about their status regarding KOSGEB support processes,
  • Inquires about the approval status and up-to-dateness of the SME Declaration,
  • Inquires the control of the application and undertaking records regarding the support programs and informs the enterprise about the stage of the payment with the document data matrix,
  • It communicates with the relevant SME Specialist or Assistant Specialist about the status of applications such as the petition submitted by the enterprise to the Chamber and informs the enterprise,
  • Upon the request of the enterprise, it carries out the registration to the KOSGEB Database and the updating of the SME Declaration, accompanied by the enterprise representative,
  • It carries out the necessary work on the investigation of the agricultural sector supports of the members and informs the members,
  • Fulfills the duties assigned by the Secretary General.