General Secretariat

Presidential Executive Asistant

MISSIONS, AUTHORITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Organizing the protocol and ceremony services of the Chamber, Organizing the services of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the President of the Assembly regarding all kinds of visits and invitations and coordinating other organizations and units, To inform the General Secretariat about the meetings of the Chamber Assembly […]


MISSIONS, AUTHORITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Coordinating and supervising the operation of the directorate and the work of the staff, To carry out the organization and secretariat of the work of the commissions and boards of the professional committees within the limits of authority delegated by the Secretary General of the Chamber, To examine the agenda of […]


MISSIONS, AUTHORITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: It carries out all the operations related to KOSGEB in line with the directive on the establishment and operation of KOSGEB representative offices (Annex: 6). It carries out studies related to the promotion of KOSGEB support and services to businesses, It provides market research and international commercial consultancy services from members […]