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Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALTSO) President Mehmet Şahin continues the flag campaign he initiated to support Azerbaijan, which was exposed to the treacherous attacks of Armenia. Chairman Şahin and ALTSO Board Members visited Konaklı and Payallar wholesales market today and distributed Turkish and Azerbaijani flags to the tradesmen. Şahin and ALTSO Management were accompanied by Payallar Wholesales Market Association President Ali Ulukaya and Konaklı Wholesales Market Association President Ahmet Çavuşoğlu.

As it is known, President Şahin hung giant Turkish and Azerbaijani flags on the chamber service building after the invasion of Armenia for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, then started a flag campaign and distributed Turkish and Azerbaijani flags to Demirtaş tradesmen and Alanya industrial tradesmen.  Regarding the ongoing flag campaign, President Şahin said, “We stand by the brotherly Azerbaijani people with the slogan” One Nation, Two States ”

For this purpose, Mayor Şahin and members of the board of directors, who distributed Turkish and Azerbaijani flags to Demirtaş neighborhood and tradesmen and Alanya Industrial Site tradesmen yesterday, continued to distribute the flags of the two brother countries by visiting Konaklı and Payallar wholesale market today. Mayor Şahin will visit Alanya market tradesmen tomorrow and distribute Turkish and Azerbaijani flags.

Konaklı and Payallar shopkeepers thanked Mayor Şahin for his sensitive behavior and said, “We are always with Brother Azerbaijan.We condemn the attacks by Armenia.”


In addition to his statement which is that as business people they condemn Armenia’s attack on civilian settlements, Şahin stated that they organized a flag campaign to raise awareness. Şahin said, “We have always supported brotherly Azerbaijan, and we will continue to do so. We started the flag campaign to support the brotherly Azerbaijani people and make them feel that we are with them spiritually. We are with Azerbaijan until the end. As business people, we strongly condemn Armenia’s unjust attacks against the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, ”.

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