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A protocol was signed between Alanya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ALTSO) and Antalya Metropolitan Municipality regarding the project of Guzelbag Industrial Site. Making a statement after the protocol ceremony, ALTSO President Sahin stated that they pioneered Guzelbag to gain an industrial site. ALTSO President Sahin said, “We signed our protocol with Mr. Bocek regarding this issue. I hope we will complete this project together. We had allocated a place in Guzelbag to provide a comfortable working environment for manufacturing companies, especially marble, blacksmith, furniture and laundry factories. This place now also has zoning work. Our city will breathe comfortably after the zoning plan studies are completed. We will move manufacturer companies to Guzelbag. “The owners of the manufacturing companies will be comfortable, as well as the tourists and residents of the neighborhood,” he said.

Referring to the meetings held with Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Bocek and market and transportation tradesmen, Mayor Sahin said, “We held very important meetings. We held meetings where we questioned the future of Alanya and even its past. We held a meeting with our 3  president of association and wholesales-market at the beginning. As we always say, tourism, construction, real estate as well as the agricultural sector are among the commercial locomotives of our Alanya. We held meetings with brokers and our cooperative and chamber presidents regarding transportation. We hosted Bocek’s organization here, too. We have also declared our opinions regarding the solution of the problems, ”he said.


Speaking after Sahin, President Bocek said, “I would like to thank Şahin and his management for hosting. As Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, we will quickly complete the plans including 18 implementations here. I hope we will move the manufacturers to Guzelbag. I hope it will lead to good. Together, we will continue to manage our Alanya and Antalya ”.

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