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LÖSEV, which was established to help meet all kinds of needs of children with leukemia and blood disease, especially health and education, did not forget ALTSO President Eray Erdem, who is known for his support to the foundation.

LÖSEV Antalya Provincial Coordinator Ercan Karalar and Deputy Provincial Coordinator Özlem Uğurel paid a congratulatory visit to ALTSO President Eray Erdem today.

Karalar and Uğurel presented the doll named “UMUT BABY”, which represents the first baby treated under the roof of LÖSEV, and which was made by the mothers of sick children, to President Erdem for their contribution to the foundation. Provincial Coordinator Ercan Karalar, who visited ALTSO President Eray Erdem, who has made serious efforts to donate to LÖSEV and raises awareness about the situation of sick children, said in a statement that they wanted to thank President Erdem and to inform him about the projects they are planning.

In his statement, Karalar said, “We think that our President is a chance for Alanya as well as for us. It is admirable that he cares so much about the health of our children. We also thank him for his support.”

President Eray Erdem also said in his statement that they will continue to support LÖSEV and therefore children in need of help and that they will carry out joint projects with LÖSEV.

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