SME Information Site

The aim of the website is to provide guidance to SMEs on the issues mentioned and to provide them with the other information they need. The information required by SMEs is given under 10 main headings. These are “Business Establishment, Transfer and Termination Procedures”, “Permissions During the Construction and Opening of Businesses”, “Information Regarding Tax, Labor, Health and Safety Legislation”, “Information Regarding Production and Quality”, “Foreign Trade”, “ Inter-Business Cooperations”, “Databases”, “Supports for SMEs”, “Financing Information”, “EU Information for SMEs” are the main headings.


YOIKK Coordination Board for Improvement of Investment Environment

Welcome to the Investor Guide, which provides easy access to the information needed by investors within the scope of legal and administrative regulations in Türkiye. This information platform provides all kinds of information and data that are important for investors when establishing a new business or expanding their existing investments in Türkiye. The information presented in the guide prepared under many different topics such as taxes and incentives, employment, starting a business, starting operations, EIA report, investment areas, etc. is updated in line with the lost changes in legal and administrative legislation.