• Franchising Guide (183.80 KB)

    In this study, Franchising System in the World and Turkey; The current situation is outlined by taking into account its historical process, scope, principles, advantages and disadvantages, and the personal analysis test regarding the system is presented in the last section.

  • Can I be an Entrepreneur? (83.44 KB)

    This publication was produced within the scope of LEDU Entrepreneurship Publication Series. This guidebook of the series helps aspiring entrepreneurs to test themselves, see their strengths and weaknesses, and test their potential to start their own business.

  • Finding and Testing a Business Idea (95.18 KB)

    This publication was produced within the scope of LEDU Entrepreneurship Publication Series. The aim of this guidebook of the series is to help entrepreneur candidates find a suitable business idea by informing them about business idea search methods.

  • Establishing and Managing a Business (146.02 KB)

    This publication was produced within the scope of LEDU Entrepreneurship Publication Series. This guidebook in the series outlines the business start-up process and gives aspiring entrepreneurs tips on how to build a successful business.

  • Business Plan Guide for Entrepreneurs (708.24 KB)

    The main purpose in the preparation of this guide is to develop a working systematic that will guide entrepreneurs and to ensure that they reach the point of starting a business after a preparation process in the necessary extent. Entrepreneurs will complete this process by preparing business plans that show all the research results, goals and plans required to launch a business.

  • Business Plan File (355.01 KB)

    This guidebook is a supplementary document to the “Business Plan Guide for Entrepreneurs”.

  • Marketing Plan Guide (488.63 KB)

    Many entrepreneurs try to compete without having a prepared marketing plan when starting their business life. Being more systematic and being able to put thoughts down on paper makes it clearer what the entrepreneur needs to do and enables them to make more profitable changes. A good marketing plan can be described as “intense thoughts on paper” or “systematising our thoughts in order to act more effectively”.

  • Business Plan Evaluation Guide (238.25 KB)

    This guidebook sets out the criteria and a scoring system that can be used in evaluating a business plan.

  • Company Structures and Establishment Stages (344.96 KB)

    This guidebook contains brief information about the types of companies and detailed establishment steps, approximate times and costs for each company type for 2010.

  • Business Legislation and Obligations Guide (957.84 KB)

    This publication has been prepared with the aim of bringing together the legislation to which businesses are subject and which falls within the responsibility and jurisdiction of different organisations, and to provide entrepreneurs with comprehensive information in the stages of establishing a business and maintaining business activities. (Last updated: 28 May 2007)

  • "Training Services for SMEs" Market in Türkiye (1.27 MB)

    This publication is the final report of a research project funded by the European Training Foundation (ETF).

  • History of Entrepreneurship in Türkiye and Sociological Profile of Entrepreneurs (1.69 MB)

    The psychological situation of societies experiencing underdevelopment; feelings of envy, desperation, and blame.

  • Responsible Entrepreneurship (1.04 MB)

    Responsible entrepreneurship means being able to operate a business in a way that minimises its negative impact on people and the environment while increasing its positive contribution to society.