Recent circular issued by the Ministry of Interior stated that  on Friday, September 04 general inspections are going to be made in all provinces and districts of Turkey.

The following comments were included in the circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the subject:

‘’In addition to basic principles as hygene, mask and distance rules,also obeying rules and measures for all business and living areas and supervision activities carried out by govenors and district govenors have a great importance in terms of fight against epidemic.

With the Circulars we issued on different dates, our Governorates have been instructed to carry out continuous inspections by using the forms prepared in line with the Ministry of Health Outbreak Work and Management Guidelines. Considering the spread of the epidemic in the last days, the importance of following the existing measures in all areas of life has once again become clear.

In this context;

It has been decided that teams that are orginazed by participation of governors, district governors, mayors, managers and staff of relevant public institutions and organizations, village / neighborhood reeves, professional chambers, general law enforcement units (police, gendarmerie, beach security) and private law enforcement officers (police, private security, etc.), are going to carry out general inspections covering all areas of life with the motto “FOR HEALTH FOR ALL OF US.”

It is announced with great importance to all our members.