Letter dated 26.08.2020 and numbered 7224 received from TOBB;

In the letter that reached our chamber from TOBB, it was reported that the Internship Mobilization program carried out by the Presidency Human Resources Office, within the scope of the Talent Gate Cooperation Protocol signed between the Presidency Human Resources Office and TOBB on 8 June 2020. It was also stated that in the Internship Mobilization program, our members will have the right to access the “Internship Pool”, which includes young talents from all universities and departments. It was stated that both Chambers and Commodity Exchanges and our members have the privilege of access to the “Internship Pool”, but they must be registered to be able to log in to this system.

Members who want to access the Intern Pool are required to identify an authorized person to log into the system and notify our Chamber.

It is announced with great importance to all our members.