“After Ramadan’s climate of mercy, forgiveness and abundance, we are experiencing the happiness and excitement of meeting the Ramadan Feast. Feast days are the days when national and spiritual integration is experienced at the highest level, bring people closer to each other, bring together the same thoughts and feelings, remove daily worries and troubles, increase our hope and joy, and strengthen the bonds of friendship and brotherhood between us. Feasts days are exceptional times of embracing with love, eliminating all resentments, visiting the sick, elderly, orphans, friends and relatives. It is the spiritual feelings we experience on these days that make feast days truly ‘feast day’.

Feast days are the best means for our feelings of love, tolerance, cooperation, solidarity and justice to be activated. These special days offer the best opportunities to end the resentments. With these feelings and thoughts, I congratulate the Eid al-Ramadan of our members, our citizens and the entire Islamic World.’